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Walnut Valley 4 String Teardrop Dulcimers

The owner was Jack Brunner, who had a booth at the Disney theme park, Orlando in the early 90s.  When he quit, he joked that “the mouse made all the money, not him”!

1.43  1989  #089-18  £190 inc. corduroy slip case

Model SC [Stone County].  Printed label:  “Walnut Valley Dulcimer Co./ 102 E. Broadway/ Burns, Kansas 66840/[Tel. No.]/ Model: SC [h/w] Serial No. 089-18 [h/w]”.  An all-solid walnut teardrop constructed on a simple pattern, with a continuous fingerboard/headstock.  Bookmatched back with central purfling line.  Walnut fingerboard with MoP markers at frets 3, 7 and 12; 6+ and 13+ frets.  Flat pegbox has 4 Grover sta-tites with rosewood buttons.  Three large, domed pins form the string anchors and the strainer is the original piece of suede material.  Arched fingerboard to allow maximum movement of the solid walnut top, but necessitating a level, chamfered strum hollow – as with the more expensive hourglass SR models.  Heart soundholes pointing to the tail, zero fret, with hard plastic nut and bridge.  More shallow body than the SR.  Overall length 35½”, upper bout n/a, lower bout 7″, depth 1¾”, FBW 1⅝”, VSL 26⅝” (medium scale), weight 1lb 13oz (826g). Strings 10, 14, 20w.

This one is in excellent overall condition, just a few small and almost invisible dings and pick marks.  Has fret numbers picked out neatly in white script – buyer has the choice of keeping these or I can remove them before delivery without charge.  Not a sophisticated instrument, but easy to play, with good intonation on melody and middle strings.  Towards the bright end of the dulcimer spectrum.  Comes with a nice brown corduroy slip case.

1.40  1991  #91-461  £tbc

Model CC [Cedar Creek].  An elliptical dulcimer described as “A great beginner’s model” in the company brochure.  Yet it was well made, of solid walnut.  This one has been left to get extremely wet and is being rebuilt and re-finished.