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2014   Sweet Woods   4 String 3 Course Teardrop   £Sold

David (Harpmaker) Lynch has been making folk instruments for some time and became a full time luthier in 2003.  He makes a wide variety of dulcimers, at all price levels, but is probably best known for his excellent student, laminated-wood, teardrop dulcimers.

Printed label:  “Sweet Woods Instruments/ by/ David Lynch/ Mountain & Hammered Dulcimers,/ Psaltries & Lap Harps/ “David Lynch” [sgnd]  10-2014 [h/w]/ [tel. no./ email]”.

This is a simple but elegant teardrop design, with a solid walnut body – made of attractive rippled/curly walnut, bookmatched on the back, with plainer walnut on the sides.  The top is solid cherry with a pleasant grain.  Soundholes are Lynck’s “comet” pattern, an arc of different sized holes, carefully chamfered.  Simple flat walnut head with quality Gotok geared tuners.  Single-piece walnut fingerboard with no markers, but additional frets at 1+, 6+, 8+ and 13+ (the 8+ appears to have been a later addition).  Folkcraft-style hard plastic nut and bridge and copper pin string anchors for ball or loop strings.

Overall length 33¾”, upper bout n/a, lower bout 8¼”, depth 2⅜”, FBW 1½”, VSL 25¾” (short/medium scale), weight 1lb 5oz (582g).  The strings are now 12/12, 15, 24w although it would well perfectly well with a lighter set.  Additional 1+, 6+ 8+ and 13+ frets.

A decent handcrafted instrument at an affordable price.  Plays well, with some volume, decent clarity of sound and a nice balance across treble and bass.  Intonation begins to go off a little at the top of the second octave.


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