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2.69   1999  Blue Lion Bass #2810 – 3 or 4 String Hourglass – £Sold

This bass works really effectively and is tuned an octave below the standard dulcimer.  It is based on the large Acoustic Jam body which is high volume and low mass, allowing the sound to be both full and punchy.  Blue Lion are one of the famous names in dulcimer lutherie, established in 1977 on the US West coast.  They produce stunning designs which are both aesthetically and acoustically pleasing.  Bob and Janita Baker make and sign every instrument themselves, use only the highest quality wood stock, and work slowly, with close attention to detail.  As a result, they have sold over 4,000 high end dulcimers and established an unrivalled reputation across the world.

Printed label:  “MAR. 5, 1999/ Blue Lion/ RNB  JLB  [h/w]/ Santa Margarita, California/ Model BD [h/w] Serial No. 2810 [h/w]”.  Bookmatched figured cherry back and sides with western red cedar top.  Standard Blue Lion soundholes, comprising a cluster of circles.  E. Indian rosewood overlay on fingerboard and flat headstock with quality guitar-style Gotoh mini-Schallers.  Ebony nut and bridge allowing either 3 or 4 string configurations.  Ball end string anchor with strings running through end of fingerboard/tail.  Honduras mahogany fingerboard and headstock.

Overall length 37¼”, upper bout 6¼”, lower bout 8¼”, depth 2⅜”, FBW 1⅝”, VSL 27⅝” (medium/long scale), weight 2lb 2oz (962g).  Has a 6½ and 13½ fret.

This one is in excellent condition but with two stable repairs to the back, one better finished than the other.  It is fitted with three cello strings (green/black/gold ball ends) giving it a chunkier sound, but can be set up with a standard phosphor bronze bass set, as recommended by Blue Lion, at no extra cost (I have my own bass sets in stock).  Comes with a very plush, fitted Blue Lion hard case in dark blue.  Current list price of this model with case is $875 or about £800 imported.



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