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2000 Keith Young 3 String Teardrop

This dulcimer is a late model from well-known craftsman Keith Young (1929-2012).  It is beautifully made, as you would expect, with a teardrop shape of classic proportions.  The top is bookmatched wormy chestnut which has, unexpectedly, no soundholes other than the worm holes themselves!  The sides and (bookmatched) back are nicely grained walnut, as is the one piece fingerboard.  The elegant headstock and scroll have a carved dogrose on each side.  Original wooden pegs have been replaced with banjo-style tuners.  It has a 6½ fret.

The tail end of the fretboard is undercut, in common with a number of other Young dulcimers.  This gives added volume and precision – notes have a shortish decay.  It has a pleasant open tone with good balance across treble and bass; slightly narrower fretboard than usual; and an easy action with only 3 strings, making it straightforward for fingerstyle or crosspick playing.