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McSpadden T34 Teardrop Dulcimers

Lynn McSpadden was the founder of the business – now one of the best known and most reliable larger scale dulcimer makers in the world.  He began making dulcimers full-time in late 1967 or early 1968.

2.91  T34-W  1978 or 1979 #5503  £Sold

Printed label: “The Dulcimer Shoppe/ Handcrafted Instruments by McSpadden/ Mountain View, Arkansas/ Lynn McSpadden [h/w]/ Serial No. 5503 [h/w] Model T34-W [h/w]”.  Teardrop 4 string dulcimer made by craftsman (and founder of the business) Lynn McSpadden.

Solid walnut top and (?) sides with walnut laminate back, showing a bookmatch-type figure.  Classic McSpadden walnut scroll and pegbox; Grover Sta-Tite tuners with brown plastic buttons; two part walnut fingerboard with original 6+ fret.  Wooden nut and zero fret, wooden bridge.  Stylised hand-cut f-holes on a shallow body; early McSpadden logo branded on fingerboard immediately in front of bridge; brass mushroom-headed pins for string anchors, set directly on curved tail.  Overall length 36¼”, lower bout 6¾”, depth 1¾”, FBW 1⅜”, VSL 28½” (long scale), weight ??lb ??oz (??g).  6+ fret.  Strings now 0.010, 0.014, 0.023w (extra melody string can of course be added).

Immaculate condition considering its age, with only the shallowest single indentation on the back and barely perceptible fret wear.  Plays very easily and sounds clear and sweet, without huge presence.  Probably best as a 3 string and ideal for fingerpicking.  Comes with unmarked but well-made solid plywood case, which appears to be designed specifically for this model (good condition, one corner scuffed).



2.38  T34-W  May 1995 #31552

This has a solid bookmatched walnut top, solid sides and high quality laminate back.  It has a neat, carved scroll and narrow headstock with Grover sta-tite friction banjo tuners and walnut buttons; a hollow fingerboard made from two pieces of walnut; hard composite nut and bridge.  The top has stylised f-holes set against a pretty grain pattern.  Overall length 36¾”, upper bout N/A, lower bout 7”, body height 1¾”, FBW 1½”, VSL 28½” (long scale), weight ?lb ?oz (???g). 6½ fret.

This is a light, most attractive and elegant instrument in excellent unmarked, as new condition.  Can be bought with its original shell case.  Light, responsive construction gives good volume and a bright but well balanced tone, with some sustain and colour.