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1.34 – 1990s? Folkcraft Solid Walnut Kit – 4 String Teardrop – £Sold

No label inside but clearly a Folkcraft kit, since the design and parts are typical of the entry model Folkcraft teardrop. All solid walnut with rounded, slightly protruding tail, single piece head and fingerboard, simple scroll. Bookmatched solid walnut top with pair of rather basic f-holes; single piece solid walnut back. Shallow, flat pegbox with open guitar-style tuners; typical Folkcraft plastic nut and bridge; 6+ fret but not 13+. Copper-coloured string anchors on end of fingerboard; short strum hollow.

Overall length 36¾”, lower bout 6½”, depth 1¾”, FBW 1½”, VSL 27” (medium scale), weight c 2lb. Complete with 6½ fret. Currently fitted 10/10, 14, 24w strings.

Generally good construction and finishing, although soundholes are a little wobbly. Needed some work to level the frets, but now has a full, sweet sound which belies the simple construction. A very decent entry-level instrument.