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1.19  Cedar Creek – 4 String Hourglass – £180 (+ £20 case)


This is a quality instrument from the Ozark Mountains, Missouri, produced by the same family concern (the Hagens) that builds the Red Kite, sold in the UK by Bird Rock Dulcimers. Inside:  “Cedar Creek Dulcimers/Ser. A-808/Date 12-20-98/Branson, Missouri”.

Solid walnut sides and back, with solid mahogany top and elaborate vine and hummingbird soundhole design.  Walnut headstock with elephant trunk scroll, open gear guitar tuners and pearl-coloured buttons; broad fingerboard with straightforward action and 6+ fret; composite bridge and nut; small mushroom-headed pins for string anchors.Overall length 35”, upper bout 6¼”, lower bout 7⅝”, depth 2¼”, FBW 1⅝”, weight 2lb 8oz (1129g), VSL 27¾” (medium scale).  Original 6½ fret.

In generally good condition, but had been trodden on, causing several cracks in the top and detachment in places from the fingerboard.  The top has been professionally repaired and partly refinished.  It is now entirely stable.  A few signs of the damage remain, in the form of one or two tiny notches on back and top edges, and some residual lines.

This is a super instrument for the beginner or improving player, with a loud, forward sound and good action – at a bargain price, for cosmetic reasons only.

Pic 1 below shows original damage to top.  Pics 2 -4 show same instrument after repair.