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Magic Mountain Model 5110

This is a large, handsome dulcimer with highly-figured mahogany laminate sides and back; solid red fir (like cedar) fine-grained top with heart soundholes; and a pierced scroll headstock and fingerboard, both probably made of alder.  The fingerboard overlay is, unusually, made of a formica-like laminate, printed with a rosewood grain.  It has four Kluson Deluxe tuners with plastic buttons.  Overall length 38”, upper bout 6”, lower bout 8″, height 2”, VSL 30″ (very long scale!).

6½ fret installed as original.

Marked as “Second” on the label, perhaps because it has a small bending flaw in one side between bouts.  More recently, a loose strut has caused a short, almost imperceptible crack in the top leading from one of the soundholes.  Strut and crack have now been repaired and affect neither looks, sound nor integrity.

Although suitable for beginners with a good reach, this is not for the faint-hearted.  It is responsive and light to the touch, but it has a long scale with high tension strings on a large body.  The sound is loud, well-rounded and ringing, strong on mid and bass registers.