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2.57 – November 2006 – McSpadden 4FGCC “Ginger” Hourglass – 4 String – £Sold

Model 4FGCC  “Ginger” short-bodied model, all cherry, flat head, solid wood, #50804. Currently set up for DAdd rather than Gdgg tuning, but only needs a slightly different set of string gauges.  Made in Arkansas by probably the largest (and most reliably good) dulcimer makers in the US, McSpadden.  Further details on their website here.  Signed by the individual (and longest-serving) craftsman who made it, George Looney.

6½ and 13½ frets; usual McSpadden composite bridge and nut with zero fret; good quality Gotoh mini guitar-style tuners; hollow fingerboard.  Traditional McSpadden heart-shaped soundholes with the name of the firm engraved between bridge and strum hollow.

Overall length 29½”, upper bout 5⅜”, lower bout 7⅛”, depth 1¾”, FBW 1⅜”, VSL 23 3/16″ (very short scale), weight 1lb 15oz (887g).  Zero fret, 6½ and 13½ fret. Newly re-strung with original (DAD) string gauges 0.012, 0.016, 0.026w, but can be changed if you want GDG tuning predominantly.

Comfortable width fingerboard and short scale length make this ideal for players with smaller hands.  Yet it has all the style, volume and tone of a bigger instrument.  Immediately popular when introduced in the mid-90s, with quite a few fans among experienced UK players as well.  This one is in as-new condition, complete with original backpack-type case.

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  • McSpadden 4FGCC #50804 - 2
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  • McSpadden 4FGCC #50804