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2.98 – 2004 Cripple Creek “Eagle” – 4 String Hourglass – £SOLD

This famous US dulcimer business was started by Bud and Donna Ford in Cripple Creek, CO around 1970, but in 1973 they moved to an old mill near the larger Manitou Springs, some 30 miles away.  They opened a retail shop on the ground floor and set up the woodshop in the basement.  They have produced a fair number of good quality, individual instruments at different price points and have generated many loyal fans.

Gold  stamp on far side of fingerboard, “Cripple Creek Dulcimers” with handwritten markings inside, “EG/10-04”.  Typical elongated scroll and chunky pegbox, fitted with decent gold Schaller-type enclosed geared tuners.  Solid all-walnut body with bookmatched top and back, nicely executed vine leaf and eagle soundhole design and large eagle’s head etched onto each side of the scroll.  Hollow, wide walnut fingerboard with 6+ and 13+ frets.  Composite nut and bridge, three gold mushroom-headed pins as string anchors.  Gold strap buttons have been fitted each end and a good quality Levy’s eagle-themed strap is available to match the overall design theme, if required.  An unusual – probably home-made – solid walnut wrist rest is also available, slotting neatly on top of the tailpiece just behind the bridge and containing a pickup/tuner (Signalflex) feeding out through a mini-jack (see picture 1 below).  NOT tested.  Overall length 35”, upper bout 6⅛”, lower bout 7¾”, depth 2¼”, FBW 1⅝”, VSL 27¾” (medium scale), weight ??lb ??oz (????g), strings originally 10/10, 10, 22w, now 10/10, 14, 23w.

Uncomplicated, but attractive and nice-sounding dulcimer- a cut above the standard entry-level US instruments.

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