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FolkRoots Dulcimers

The Folk Roots design goes back to 1969 when two brothers, Howard (a Capricorn) and Michael (a Taurus) Rugg formed CapriTaurus dulcimers in Felton, California.  Michael was the dulcimer player and administrator, Howard the maker.  Their main model was a big bodied, long scale dulcimer with plenty of power, yet also surprisingly well balanced from treble to bass.  In 1973, they were joined by Stephen Jackel and the new partnership began to make their popular laminated wood dulcimers under the FolkRoots name.  In 1976, Michael Rugg departed, leaving Rugg and Jackel (and their fellow workers) to turn out thousands of dulcimers.  In 1979, the Rugg and Jackel company started making solid wood instruments – the D100, D550 etc.  In 1989, the business was sold to Folkcraft who continued to sell their bigger bodied dulcimers under the FolkRoots label – now also called the D series.  During the period 1969 – 1989, Howard estimated that they made between 18,000 and 20,000 dulcimers.

The Model D550 was the walnut dulcimer in the solid wood FolkRoots range.


2.138  2006  Folk Roots D550 4 String Hourglass   £Sold

Printed label:  “Handcrafted by:/FOLKROOTS DULCIMERS [logo]/ Winsted CT 06098/ Model: D550 – 189 [h/w]/ Date: 8-9-2006.”

One of the last produced in Winsted before Folkcraft/FolkRoots was bought out and moved to Indiana in 2007.

All solid walnut with single piece back, nicely-figured bookmatched top, sides and probably fingerboard (although it is lighter and seems unsealed).  Small f-hole soundholes in both UB and LB.  No dot markers with 6+ but no 13+ fret.  Good quality chrome open-geared tuners with two-hole shanks.  Ebony nut and bridge.

Overall length 37”, upper bout 5¾”, lower bout 7¾”, depth 2½”, FBW 1½”, VSL 29¼” (long scale), weight 2lb 7oz (1123g), strings now 12, 15, 25w as current FolkRoots instruments.  Has 6+, no 13+ fret.

Fitted with a passive “Shadow” pickup, mounted beside the fingerboard, with a ⅛” output and two rotary controls.  Excellent condition with some minor abrasion on far-side top.  A clear, loud tone and plenty of volume – as you would expect from a large, deep body.

The Model D100S is the classic large D body made from solid Honduras mahogany with a spruce top, designed by Howard Rugg and based on his Capritaurus dulcimers, made in California from the late 60s onwards.


2.127   1979/1980  D 100S  #036  £320 + £20 shell case (slightly scuffed)

Printed label “Rugg and Jackel Music Company/ Folk Roots Dulcimers/ Made in the United States of America/ D100S  036 [h/w]”.  The serial number dates it to the very first years of solid wood dulcimer production, either late 1979 or early 1980.

Solid mahogany, fully bookmatched, sides and back with mahogany (hollow) fingerboard, pegbox and scroll.  Mahogany endblock with copper pins for string anchors.  Rosewood (?) nut and bridge with 6+ but not 13+ frets.  Good quality open-geared chrome tuners with a double-hole capstan.

Overall length 36¾”, upper bout 5¾”, lower bout 6⅞”, height 2½”, FBW 1½”, VSL 29¼” (long scale), weight 2lb 1oz (940g), strings now 10, 14, 23w.  6½ fret, no 13+.
A classic design, neat, simple and unshowy, and well constructed from good materials.  Has excellent projection with a clean, balanced sound and pretty good intonation.  Pristine condition for such an early instrument.

The D50ST is a large bodied teardrop with a walnut laminate body and solid spruce top, with neat walnut rosettes, made from the 1970s through to the mid-1980s.


1.86  1978 Folk Roots D50ST Teardrop 4 String 3 Course   £245 inc. original (rather tired) case  

Elaborately printed label with older man in hat and dungarees playing dulcimer:  “Folk Roots Mountain Dulcimer/ Made in U.S.A. by Rugg and Jackel/ [h/w] D50ST   [#]66783 [3rd dulcimer made on 6th June 1978]”.  Body is bookmatched (!) laminated walnut with a solid spruce top.  Rich walnut D50 style scroll pegbox with 4 decent quality open-geared tuners.  Hollow pale walnut (?) fingerboard with shallow, darker walnut overlay.  Originally no 6+ or 13+ frets.  Chunky rosewood (?) bridge and nut.  Neat dark walnut soundhole inserts with a concentric pattern of different size holes.  Walnut tailblock with four copper pins/string anchors in a diagonal array.  Overall length 36½”, lower bout 7¾”, depth 2½”, FBW 1½”, VSL 29⅛” (long scale), weight 1023g (2lb 4oz).  Strings now 0.012/[0.012], 0.016, 0.025w .  6½ fret now fitted.

In remarkable original condition.  Chip on bridge (now repaired) and 6+ fret added.  Action on the high side, but excellent tone and volume from a remarkable survivor.  Fitted original shell case in brown included (solid structurally, but outer material has puckered on top).

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